«KRD-PROTON» diagnostic X-ray complex for 3 workplaces

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X-ray diagnostic complexes for 3 workplaces form the basis of the fleet of X-ray diagnostic equipment in Russia. A rotary table tripod, which is a multifunctional workplace, is added to the complex for 2 workplaces. The complex uses a high-frequency high-voltage generator, which provides control of two X-ray tubes and provides X-ray inspection mode, long-term studies of the patients in real time using contrast agents.

Digital images are processed in the original “BIRYUZA” software, which provides processing, storage, transfer of digital images in DICOM format and printing on printers and dry-format multi-format cameras. Volumetric image reconstruction, tomosynthesis during linear tomography and diagnosis of osteoporosis are performed as an additional option for digital processing.

The flexibility of the diagnostic system and operator friendliness make it a perfect choice for creating a state-of-the-art procedural procedure for X-ray examinations in MPIs - simple and most effective.

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