Portable disinfection and shower complex «DDK-01»

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«DDK-01» complex is designed to ensure autonomous sanitary treatment or hygienic washing of the population (staff), in particular wounded, sick and injured (including persons on the stretchers), as well as for disinfection (desinsection) of clothing, footwear and bedding items in areas with temperate climate У1 according to GOST 15150-69 with outside temperature from + 40 °C to -30 °C.

Scope of application: equipment of medical units of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, Ministry of Emergencies, disinfection departments of healthcare institutions of the Russian Federation.

The complex comprises two units:

  • Disinfection and shower unit «DDU-1», located in K5350-11 box body on chassis of KamAZ 5350-1315 truck.
  • Disinfection and shower unit «DDU-2», located in KP4M-11 box body on chassis of a two-axle trailer 2-ПН-4МН1 ЧМЗАП-8335.2.

Both units are identical in their designation and designed to perform complex functions, both when working together and autonomously. «DDU-1» («DDU-2») unit can operate in the mode of disinfection (desinsection) of uniforms and washing of people. Work can be done simultaneously in both modes or separately. In the expanded form, «DDU-1» («DDU-2») unit comprises two compartments:

Boiler power unit, located in a box-body and comprising:

  • A boiler with equipment and controls;
  • Diesel power unit with control;
  • Fasting preparation of disinfectant solutions.

The boiler and energy unit ensures production of steam, flushing water, disinfectant solutions and electrical energy and their subsequent supply:

  • Steam - into the disinfection chamber;
  • Flushing water - for showers;
  • Disinfectant solution – for the staff treatment stations;
  • Electricity - for auxiliary equipment and lighting.

The disinfection chamber is permanently placed in a box body. The uniforms are disinfected with steam or steam-formalin mixture.

Sanitary unit, located in a pneumatic-framed structure and comprising:

  • A post for pre-treatment of personnel with a disinfectant solution before entering the washing department;
  • The locker room;
  • Washroom with showers;
  • Dressing department;
  • Three ventilation and heating installations.

The staff is washed in the washing unit of the pneumatic structure through shower screens with water heated to a temperature of (40 ± 2) °С. In warm weather, washing can be possible in the open air.

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