Pneumatic frame and metal frame tents

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The tents are widely used in various fields: as pre-fabricated premises for accommodating military units, civilians and repairing equipment in the field, during liquidation of natural disasters, accidents, technological disasters, and to arrange research expeditions and mobile hospitals, etc.

Pneumatic frame tents are prefabricated structures, based on a sealed arched pneumatic frame with longitudinal beams and lower harness. The pneumatic frame, outdoor canopy and waterproof floor form an integral structure. The internal insulation and insulated packaged floor are removable.

The tent remains operational at the following climatic factors:

  • air temperature from -40 °С to + 50 °С
  • wind speed up to 25 m/sec without dust, up to 20 m/sec with dust saturation up to 5 g/m3
  • atmospheric pressure corresponding to an altitude of 0-4000 m
  • relative air humidity up to 100% at temperature of + 25 °С

Metal frame tents are a steel frame made of shaped pipes. They withstand snow loads up to 140 kg/m², wind - 48 kg/m². Combined external canopy: top made of sealed fabric with double PVC coating, walls made of breathable half-linen canvas. The windows have mosquito nets and protective curtain.

When heat gun connected through an integrated air duct is used, the tent can be used as a living tent at temperatures up to -50 °C.

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